father and son dominate 2015 surefire world 3-gun championships using proof research barrels

Las Vegas, NV / November 2015  

Travis and Wyatt Gibson, both members of PROOF Research’s Competitive ProStaff team, battled some of the top 3-Gun shooters in the world to dominate the 2015 Surefire World 3-Gun Championship Open Division finishing first and second respectively. During the Surefire World 3-Gun Championships held in Las Vegas, Nevada the world’s best shooters come together to compete in 16 grueling stages of 3-gun competition that employ a variety of multi-gun styles testing all of the shooters skill sets. This year the competition included very close speed stages, large ironman style stages where shooters engaged targets out to 420 yards, shotgun stages with slug targets out to 70 yards, and even two night stages where shooters employed lights and lasers to shoot targets. Through most of the match, Taran Butler, a respected 3-Gun champion, and Travis Gibson, swapped leads in the Open Division. Then, on the second day, Butler had a rough last stage giving Gibson a comfortable lead. Travis2“Going into the last day, all I really had to do was “maintain” and not make any huge mistakes,” stated Gibson. “I did pretty well until the last stage when I forgot to shoot a spinner with my rifle. I didn’t realize it until after I’d finished the stage so I had to run back 60 yards to finish it. That added about 35 seconds to my time, but it was still enough to stay ahead of Taran.” Gibson’s son Wyatt, who is only seventeen, had a rough first day and didn’t look to be in contention for a top 3 finish, but he was nearly perfect on the last day with five stage wins that catapulted him into first place with a 4.79 second lead over his father. traviswyatt2016uspsamgnatsThe final stage was a shoot-off style stage where everyone from the entire match gathered to watch. Both father and son had excellent runs, but when the smoke cleared it was Travis Gibson holding the trophy with a ½ second lead over his son, Wyatt. “It was a very bitter sweet victory,” stated Gibson, “but I told Wyatt that he’d have lots of opportunities for more match wins. This might be my last one.” ]]>

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