honoring the memory of navy seal tom valentine

We had the pleasure of meeting and, under Greg Hamilton’s guidance, helping John Valentine build a Seekins AR-15 with PROOF carbon fiber barrel. John’s father, Tom, was both a skilled operator and leader in the Navy SEALs, where he made the ultimate sacrifice for his country. John’s mother, Christina Valentine said “Tom was a wonderful man and amazing father. He was kind and loving. He lived by a strong personal and professional code. His untimely death left a huge gap in the lives of his children, who never got a chance to learn the many amazing and important lessons he would have taught them. They will never know the depth of his kindness and his deep love for them, his teammates and nation. “It is with deep gratitude that I thank PROOF Research for their generous support of our son, John, in his journey to learn more about his father and himself. It is through these kind acts that we thank PROOF Research for being all in.” To learn more about this program that connected us with this remarkable young man, visit:]]>

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