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Competition Chassis Rifle

Whether you’re new to the competition scene and want to jump in with both feet, a seasoned shooter who wants to take their game to the next level, or you just enjoy a superbly accurate rifle, the PROOF Competition Chassis rifle is for you. Rather than reinvent the wheel, we have partnered with companies whose products are already on the podium weekend after weekend to assemble the ultimate precision rifle.

It all starts with a solid foundation. The Masterpiece Arms BA Chassis looks the part with custom PROOF Research colors and engraving. The adjustable length of pull and comb height are adaptable to any shooter and any unconventional shooting position. An enhanced bag rider, spigot mount, night vision bridge with rail and monopod weight are included.

Atop the chassis is the Zermatt Arms TL3 action which has a diamond-like-coating for the smoothest bolt feel and features a 20 MOA rail.

Rather than bolting on dead weight to stabilize the rifle, the 26” PROOF Competition contour barrel puts that weight to good use and has quickly become the favorite of top competitors.

Additional features include a Triggertech Pro Curved Diamond Trigger with an adjustable pull weight from 4 to 32 oz, an Area 419 Hellfire muzzle brake, and a MDT 12 round AICS-pattern steel magazine. A custom fit hard case is included to haul your rifle to your next match.

Backed by our 1/2 MOA accuracy guarantee.

Available calibers: 6 Dasher, 6 Creedmoor, 6.5 Creedmoor

MSRP: $5,000


  • Masterpiece Arms BA Chassis
  • Zermatt Arms TL3 Action
  • Adjustable Triggertech Pro Curved Diamond Trigger
  • MDT 12 Round AICS Steel MAG
  • 26″  1:7.5 twist PROOF Competition Contour Steel Barrel
  • Area 419 Hellfire Brake
  • 20 MOA rail
  • Weight – 15lbs-14oz w/ mag
  • SUB 1/2 MOA Guarantee

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