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Here at PROOF Research we have perfected advanced materials & technologies that enable new systems with superior performance in demanding high-temperature environments.

We believe in

Our Mission

Our core business is focused on creating next-generation structural materials for the most demanding high-temperature environments. Our product portfolio includes state-of-the-art structural epoxy, bismaleimide, polymide, and organic-inorganic resins, prepregs and advanced adhesives.

with service temperatures up to

Our goal to continuously develop novel technologies that enable new systems demanding superior performance in extreme high-temperature environments. We provide value to our customers through experience, first-rate support, quality assurance, response time and cost.

We resolve to push the limits of industries

To Support those

Who go to the Stars

Our goal to continuously develop and supply novel structural and thermal lightweight composite materials for the demanding environment of space.

To Strengthen Those

Who Defend the Skies

Here at PROOF Research we continue to develop and supply high temperature structural composite material solutions for the world’s most advanced defense systems.

To Give an Edge to Those

Who Redefine Performance

We have continued to engineer and deliver some of the lightest, stiffest, and strongest materials for some of the world's fastest vehicles. We have redefined performance and brought our advanced materials to the world of motorsports.

We Achieve this through

The continuous development of cutting edge technology

Carbon Fiber


At PROOF Research’s Advanced Composite Division we’re setting the industry standard for high-temperature prepregs for use in both commercial and military aerospace markets. Our portfolio of P2SI® brand prepregs and resin systems includes structural polyimide, bismaleimide, organic-inorganic and epoxy prepreg materials for extreme applications. We make specialty prepregs for high thermal and electrical conductivity requirements as well as out-of-autoclave prepreg systems.

Epoxy, bismaleimide and polyimide structural adhesives


We have developed and perfected our epoxy, bismaleimide and polyimide structural adhesives with service to 700°F for use in the most demanding applications. Our Adhesives are defense system qualified for extreme temperature composite assembly and repair.


Research & Development

Our Research & Development team is here to provide testing, material, and process solutions for your challenging composite applications.

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