Exceeding Expectations

Complete Rifle Systems

Complete Rifle Systems

PROOF Research began as a custom rifle company with a simple goal—to create world-class precision rifle systems that set a new standard within the industry. Building on that foundation we then brought together the finest minds and innovations in the industry to create rifle systems that are lighter, stronger and more accurate than anything else available. By combining our patented carbon fiber barrels with our carbon fiber stocks, custom actions and the best components available, we’re building rifle systems that impress even the most veteran shooter.

Field Ready

At PROOF Research, we compromise nothing to ensure that every rifle we build performs flawlessly, shot after shot, under the harshest conditions. Extremely accurate, extremely durable, no other rifle manufacturer—production or custom—can offer what we do. At PROOF Research we’re proving that reducing weight doesn’t have to compromise accuracy or durability. In fact, we’re making extreme, long-range accuracy commonplace.

The entire PROOF Research team is committed to ensuring that every firearm that leaves our factory upholds the highest standard of product quality, reliability and safety. Before a rifle leaves our factory it is meticulously inspected and thoroughly tested to ensure the completed system meets our rigorous standards for build and accuracy and is worthy of the name PROOF.

SUB ½ MOA Guarantee

Lots of companies make sub-MOA claims, but we prove it by testing every rifle we sell using the Oehler 85 Professional Ballistics Lab System, and include the results with each rifle. The Oehler 85 System is the gold standard of industrial and military testing enabling precise measurement of pressures, action time, muzzle velocity, ballistic coefficient, and accuracy for statistical analysis.
* Elevation rifle line comes standard with our SUB-MOA accuracy guarantee.

Full Build Rifles

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