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Our carbon fiber barrels are 10 times stronger than steel by weight and nearly impervious to weather, nicks, dings or scratches.

Generally speaking, our bolt-action carbon fiber barrels will weigh 3 to 3 ½ pounds. Carbon fiber AR barrels will weigh between 1 ½ to 2 ½ pounds depending on length and journal size. Check the product page tech specs for exact weights.

Not entirely. At the heart of each barrel is a stainless steel “barrel blank” that has been contoured to our specifications prior to being wrapped in carbon fiber. Areas to be threaded, such as the breech, muzzle, and gas block journal (where applicable) remain steel.

No. All of our PROOF Research carbon fiber-wrapped barrels are brand new blanks that we contour to our specifications and wrap right here in Columbia Falls, MT.

We do. Barrels are available for ARs in a variety of different calibers, lengths, twists, and gas system lengths. We offer many options for bolt-actions that include our barrel blanks and pre-fit barrels for select actions/platforms.

We have three basic contours for bolt-action barrels—Sendero, Sendero Light, and a Bull. The standard Sendero is available with a shank diameter of 1.200” (or 1.250” for .338 and larger) and measures .900 at the muzzle on a 28” barrel. The Sendero Light measures .800” at the muzzle on a 26” barrel. We also make a bull barrel which measures 1.200″ down the length of the barrel.

Most bullet manufacturers have informative websites regarding the best twist rates for specific bullets. You can also contact us via email or phone and chat with a member of our team for recomendation. We’re happy to offer advice to assure you’re getting a twist rate that’s appropriate for the bullets you intend to shoot.

Your bolt-action barrel will arrive ready for thread and chamber by your gunsmith. Your AR/Pre-Fit barrel will arrive threaded and chambered.

All our products can be purchased through any PROOF authorized dealer. Please check out the dealer page of our website. From here you can browse all of our online dealers or locate a dealer nearest you.

We do not recommend Cerakoting over the carbon fiber portion of the barrel. However, you can certainly Cerakote the steel portion of the barrel using an H-Series Cerakote. Please refer to the Cerakote website for instructions and recommended baking temperatures.

Customer Service & Repairs

How to get it fixed

If you have a question, suspect a warranty problem, or need assistance with your PROOF Research product, please contact us. Please do not return any product to us without first contacting customer service and obtaining a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. Having your serial number available (if applicable) will help us expedite your service.

If a PROOF Research representative determines that a product should be returned for service, you will be asked to ship it to our factory.

Note: Possession of a Federal Firearms License (FFL) is not required to ship a rifle. Federal law allows consumers to ship a firearm directly to the factory in the event of a warranty service claim.

Please follow these instructions for shipping and handling:

1. Before shipping, ensure that the rifle is unloaded.
2. Pack your firearm carefully using a case designed for shipping rifles.
3. Remove scope, slings and all other accessories unless otherwise specified by a PROOF Research technician.
4. Include the model number, serial number, description of damage or problem, name, return address, phone number, and under what circumstances the problem occurs.
5. Keep a record of your serial number when returning the firearm.
6. Clearly mark your return shipping address on the outside of the box and inside on your instruction sheet.
6. Do not ship live ammunition with the rifle.
7. Ship to the following address:
PROOF Research
10 Western Village Lane
Columbia Falls, MT 59912